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Investment Highlights

HYTN formulates, manufactures, markets, and sells premium cannabis goods. With the mission to be the leading provider of consistent, natural, and delicious cannabis products, HYTN focuses its efforts on identifying category opportunities and takes an innovative approach to deliver elevated cannabis experiences to a discerning customer base.

Strategically Positioned

HYTN’s manufacturing and distribution strategy allows for rapid product development, market penetration, and strong margin contributions.

Listed Across Canada

HYTN products are listed in BC, AB, SK, ON, QC, and NS.

Experienced Team

HYTN is built by a team of proven operators experienced in developing, formulating, and commercializing beverage and cannabis products.

Manufacturing Facility

HYTN’s facility is built to handle large orders & multiple product lines across a range of categories.

Strong Revenue Path

HYTN is well-positioned to realize high revenues and healthy margins within Canada's expanding cannabis marketplace.

Proprietary Elevation Technology®

Elevation Technology® is a proprietary process created to deliver heightened cannabis experiences, thereby ensuring better product profiles and consistency across categories.

HYTN’s proprietary process creates clear, odourless, cannabis emulsions that blend flawlessly into finished beverages.

Elevation Technology® ensures rapid, predictable and reliable effects.

HYTN’s high-quality cannabis oil is encapsulated in nano-sized droplets that are thermodynamically and kinetically stable. The reduced droplet size ensures increased absorption and enhanced bioavailability of all cannabinoids, producing a more rapid and predictable effect.

Industry-Leading Elevation Technology® combines nano emulsification technologies with custom machinery and a proprietary process to deliver consistent and stable active cannabis emulsions.

HYTN’s formulations are stackable and predictable, allowing for a more consistent product experience than the majority of cannabis products currently on the market.

HYTN’s THC infused sparkling water combines all-natural ingredients with our Elevation Technology® delivering heightened cannabis experiences.


Sparkling Beverages infused with Elevation Technology®

HYTN’s THC infused sparkling water combines all-natural ingredients with our Elevation Technology® delivering heightened cannabis experiences.

Available across Canada

• 0 Calories
• 0 Carbs
• Sugar-Free
• Gluten-Free
• Natural Ingredients
• 10 mg THC

Available across Canada

THC infused Edibles with Elevation Technology®

HYTN's THC Edibles are a combination of all-natural ingredients and our Elevation Technology®, delivering an elevated edible experience.

• Gluten-Free
• Natural Ingredients
• 10 mg THC

GMP Built Manufacturing Facility

A custom facility designed for innovative & scalable manufacturing.




Facility Capacity

• Current production capacity of up to 6,000 beverage units per shift,

with the capability to reach 12 million units annually.

• Current production capacity of up to 10,000 edible units per shift.

• Active emulsion capacity of up to 50mg/ml in 400 L batches every 8 hours.

• Built on a Modular Manufacturing Model which significantly reduces

the time to expand & bring additional facilities online.

Licensed Under the Cannabis Act

• Standard Processing

• Amendment for Sale

• Cannabis Research

Corporate Milestones

June 2018

Established proprietary process, Elevation Technology®.

SEPT 2018

Built HYTN brand & commenced beverage formulation.


JAN 2020

Received national listings across multiple provinces in Canada.

AUG 2020

Acquired Kelowna facility location & began facility layout & development.

AUG 2020

Series A funding of CDN $1.4m.


FEB 2022

Received amendment for the sale of cannabis products to approved provincial and territorial buyers.

FEB 2022

Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, CSE: HYTN.